Experts choose the best suppliers in Russia

Experts choose the best suppliers in Russia

News of market and MEGAMIX

The Public Council of the "Leader of Competitive Sales" Award has announced the results for the professional competition held during the "Supplier Day – 2017" Forum.
357 companies of various industries laid claim to be among the best suppliers in Russia. The Public Council of the Award consisting of representatives of industry associations and market experts has chosen winners in 8 nominations.


MEGAMIX company has won in the "Breakthrough of the Year" (2016) nomination as the supplier who achieved a record increase in the number of customers in 2016 (compared to 2015). The Council also evaluated the number of contracts on new markets and the events held to increase the amount of customers and/or to enter new markets.
MEGAMIX Group would like to thank its partners for their confidence!

Группа компаний «МЕГАМИКС» благодарит партнеров за оказанное доверие!

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