Swine husbandry has been developing fast in recent years. 

Three pillars of modern swine husbandry: genetics, management and nutrition.

Modern swine breeds' genetics enables to obtain around 30 pigs from one breeding sow per year and raise them to 100 kg in 150 days.

Genetic potential of high-producing pigs can be fully utilized only when the content of biologically active substances meets research-backed values.Besides, it is essential to maintain balanced ratio of such amino acids as lysine, methionine+cysteine, threonine, tryptophane in the diet.


Feed plays crucial role in obtaining high-quality pork, as the swine converts 20 % of feed nutritive value in food products (meat, lard). For comparison: cow converts 15 %, poultry - 7 % in egg and 5 % in meat, finishing steers and lambs – 4%.

Last two months before slaughter feed has especially strong impact on meat and lard quality. Proper use of feed additives, concentrates and premixes in this period ensures maximal utilization of the genetic potential of the breed.

Feeds and feed additives assortment is continuously broadening, following the growing requirements of swine husbandy. Properly formulated diet is of utmost importance for high-quality meat production.