Poultry husbandry is the most science-driven and dynamic sector of modern animal husbandry. It is not by chance, that most innovations and high technologies developed by Russian and foreign scientists have found their wide application in poultry husbandry.
Genetic potential of the modern crosses has ensured a sufficient growth of eggs and broiler meat production efficiency: with laying hens up to more than 300 eggs per year, while broiler chickens' daily weight gain can reach 60 grams.

Poultry performance depends to a great extent (70%) on diet, quality of feed ingredients being the key factor. 

However, the successful development of poultry breeding has been not only due to genetic potential of the animal. Well-balanced diet and proper animal management also play a crucial role. 

Poultry diets should be rich not only in high quality protein and energy, but also in limiting amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and other biologically active and mineral substances. Shortage or lack of some of these components in poultry diets can cause metabolic disturbance, growth retardation, diminished performance and, in the end, quality fall-off of the final product.

Being aware of the importance of proper nutrition for ecomonic efficiency of poultry factories, MEGAMIX puts under strict quality control all offered products and feed additives. Each batch of raw materials is tested in the in-house testing laboratory, which ensures multi-level control of the product biosecurity. Besides, MEGAMIX cooperate only with the global leaders in feed additive production, such as BASF, Evonic, Alltech, Elanco, etc.